AXA chose Qlik as a BI solution that would give them “a single version of truth” but whose implementation would also respect three principles: embrace complexity; one problem at a time; and take into account the differences in maturity.

With Agilos as their partner to steer them in the right direction for leveraging Qlik best practices the project was a success. Rapid implementation and deployment meant that Qlik dashboards were being used in all the meetings within 6 months. All the teams at AXA Belgium now rely on Qlik for their business intelligence, with certain functions being used daily.


"We have now more transparency in terms of cost management, capacity management and our portfolio in general. Secondly, given the fact that everyone has access to the same dashboard, everyone can see the same figures and these are now recognized by the entire organization. But also, everyone has the same definition of concepts, which really simplifies discussions. Finally, the job of the people in my team has fundamentally changed. Previously, we spent a lot of time collecting and combining data; now we spend our time analyzing, which adds a lot more value to the company."

Emile Fyon, Head of Performance Management


Watch "AXA moves to One Version of the Truth with Agilos and Qlik" (French with English subtitles)


Watch "AXA moves to One Version of the Truth with Agilos and Qlik" (French with Dutch subtitles)

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