GeoQlik is an intuitive and powerful professional GIS component for Qlik. GeoQlik enables you to easily “geo-analyze” your business data and indicators on dynamic maps integrated at the heart of your Qlik applications.

GeoQlik is the most complete geo-analytics extension for Qlik, providing a wide range of advanced GIS features seamlessly integrated into Qlik documents. GeoQlik makes geo-decisional within the reach of every organization, giving meaning to their data and providing them with persuasive and valuable information displayed on a map.

With over 100 reseller partners worldwide, GeoQlik meets exponential success on all continents, thanks to its constantly expanding features.

GeoQlik: mapping and spatial analysis

With GeoQlik, Qlik users benefit from the most advanced mapping and spatial analysis features available on the market.

Open up your world

GeoQlik is fully interoperable and remains the only true mapping component for Qlik, thanks to its compliance with:

  • normalized GIS formats: ShapeFile, PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, Oracle Locator
  • Esri spatial databases
  • virtual globes: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap
  • all kinds of geometries, rasters and Web services
  • .csv files.

Process your data the easy way

GeoQlik can handle very large volumes of data, with a large number of simultaneous users and whatever your data may be: administrative boundaries, cities and towns, zip codes, commercial areas, industrial sites or agencies, bricks, floor plans, satellite and aerial images…

GeoQlik also comes with brand-new features, including:

  • map creation using a wizard requiring no writing of code
  • automatic and unlimited drill down
  • clustering of points
  • new display modes, such as heat maps and flow maps
  • automatic geocoding of addresses contained in your Qlik documents, with the ability to geocode addresses « on the fly »
  • management of XY coordinates
  • drawing and annotation tools
  • point positioning using symbols
  • map style personalization.

GeoQlik has now brand new features - GeoQlik 11.8 and later offers access to a brand new range of Business GeoServices such as geocoding, isochrony, route calculation and optimization. 

Get to the crux of Geo-Business Intelligence 

These brand-new features comply with GeoQlik philosophy: cutting edge GIS features mixed with simplicity and interactivity, once improved with:

  • type-and-find search
  • advanced spatial selection
  • easier tactile manipulation on mobile version.

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