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Metric Insights Push Intelligence platform

Bridging the last mile to Business Intelligence and Big Data

Metric Insights provides the leading Push Intelligence platform that lets you know when your key business metrics change and why. We do this by easily connecting our KPI Warehouse to metrics from all your Business Intelligence, SaaS, Big Data and other data visualization tools. With a collaboration layer that adds context to the data and personal notifications, users are able to cut through the noise and focus on the critical business issues that warrant their attention.


Metric Insights Push Intelligence platform: combine metrics

Understand the Impact of Events

  • Connect metrics from your Data Warehouse, BI tools, Big Data Sources and SaaS Applications
  • Combine your metrics with insightful meta data to support Push intelligence
  • Reveal powerful correlations between KPI’s from disparate sources
Metric Insights Push Intelligence platform annotate charts

Enhance Insight Through Collaboration

  • Annotate charts at the data-point level to share insights across your entire organization
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop a deep understanding of key trends
  • Preserve key insights right along with the associated data so that they are always relevant and easy to find in the future
Metric Insights Push Intelligence platform intelligent alerts

Find the Needle in the Haystack

  • Avoid the avalanche of irrelevant reports
  • Instantly identify statistically significant data points – no math required
  • Receive intelligent alerts for statistically significant data points
Metric Insights Push Intelligence platform one click personalization

One-Click Personalization

  • Cut through reporting clutter: follow the metrics that matter to you
  • See your own customized view of relevant analytics
  • Self service without IT involvement: no dashboard development or maintenance required
Metric Insights Push Intelligence platform: fast delivery and waiting time minimization

Big Data without the Big Wait™

  • Realize the full potential of Big Data by extending access and insight to all users in your organization
  • Deliver insights with zero wait time
  • Minimize load on data sources by de-coupling viewing from data collection through the data cache layer
Metric Insights Push Intelligence platform: Deploy Across Multiple Data Sources

Rapidly Deploy Across Multiple Data Sources

  • Build new reports in minutes
  • See all your key metrics through a single pane of glass
  • Combine data from multiple sources without a data warehouse
  • Reveal powerful correlations between disparate data sources

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