Agilos Agile Analytics Academy

Agilos Agile Analytics Academy

Welcome to the Agilos Agile Analytics Academy (AAAA). In our academy we like to share our expertise and best practices with you. This gets offered in a curriculum based approach that is not only better customized for different types of users, but also offers a learning journey that allows users to gradually become better trained at their own pace. Our approach offers for all types of users a personalized learning track that provides the right accompagniment just in time.

AAAA Methodology


Following you get more details about the Agilos Agile Analytics Academy and its methodology.



Explore provides you with all the information a novice user needs to know, including end-users.

The most effective analytical solution is the one that enables you to find answers on your most important business questions. This is only possible if you understand the power of your BI environment and your business solution. We bring this knowledge to you during our Explore sessions.

Imagine you buy a new television with a super fancy remote control. If you are used to record your favorite television show every evening, you would like to know how to do that with this new remote control too. But also, because you bought new technology, you expect that you can do more than before. Only when you learn about the new possibilities of your new TV set, you’ll get the maximum value from your new purchase. It are exactly those kind of things that we focus on, to make sure you get the highest (and quickest) return on your investment and minimize the learning time.



Learn essential techniques to implement your first analytical solution.

First there is an idea, then you have to convert this to a solution. In between those two steps you have to learn about the platform that you would like to use. Don’t expect from us a lecture. During an Agilos Accompagniment you will solve a business case guided by a product expert, following the Agilos Methodology. Of course we would like to make sure that you remember what you learned for a very long time. Therefor we tackle the forgetting curve and offer you a recap after a few weeks.



Irrespective of your profile, you will grow and bring your skills in your area to perfection.

You know the basics, you implemented a few applications and now it’s time to bring your skills to a next level. Grow the skills of your BI team together with your environment. We will bring you those skills that you need at this moment.

Whether you want to roll out your solution to a large amount of users, use big data sets, include location intelligence or predictive analytics, or learn everything about the administration of your environment, we’ll make you a master. Our experts will bring the insights and skills that you need during one of the master sessions.

About Agilos

Agilos’ mission is to help businesses to become more competitive and agile through a smarter and better use of their data. We do this by providing a best-of-breed platform that enables companies to take better decisions.

Through our training, coaching and expertise, we help them realize a short time to value and maximize the ROI of their business intelligence journey.

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