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Agilos Accounting Analytics : see the dataAgilos Accounting Analytics is a Plug & Play application which gives accountants, financial managers and executives a clear and clean view on their accounting data. It has been developed by financial experts with a background in financial management.

Your accounting software stores the most valuable financial information for your company. It is usually the accountant who manages the whole solution: data-entry, reporting, analysis, error detection, etc.

However, executives and financials need to access this information in order to make the right decisions and take the right actions. Indeed, tracking costs and income is fundamental for an organization.

Agilos Accounting Analytics can be connected to your accounting software and gives 360° overview to business users. 

Our solution runs on top of Microsoft Dynamics, WinBooks, SAP and several other accounting packages.

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About Agilos

Agilos’ mission is to help businesses to become more competitive and agile through a smarter and better use of their data. We do this by providing a best-of-breed platform that enables companies to take better decisions.

Through our training, coaching and expertise, we help them realize a short time to value and maximize the ROI of their business intelligence journey.

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