An effective business intelligence solution for hospitals

MEDIscovery provides hospital management, department managers, analysts and controllers the ability to analyze themselves information to which they have access rights, through a very easy to use, intuitive user interface.

The MEDIscovery platform takes its information from various operational systems and includes its own connectors to systems including

  • Invoicing (Wish, Xtenso, SibelMed,…)
  • Pharmacy (InfoHos)
  • Laboratory (Glims)
  • HR (Arno HR, SAP HR)
  • Accounting (EASI, Cpt Win, WinBooks, MS Dynamics, ...)
  • In House developed applications (Pharmacy, Invoicing, …)
  • Datawarehouse (if there is one)
  • RDBMS (through SQL queries and/or ODBC drivers)
  • Existing Reporting tools


Medical dashboard modules



Administrative dashboard modules


Institutional dashboard

Key strenghts of MEDIscovery

From departemental to global insight

The main characteristic of the MEDIscovery solution is its ability to consolidate and analyze multiple data sources. The technology we use to develop our solutions enables you to conduct analysis of transversal data. You will be able to analyze, evaluate and compare data from different departments and different operational systems or databases. For example, a manager will be able to easily compare data from the pharmacy system with information in the patient billing system. Thanks to this transversal approach, the analysis capability of your team will be maximized.

Rapid resultats, rapid return on investment

MEDIscovery takes its information directly from existing systems, with no time or expense wasted on time-consuming custom builds or de-bugging processes. Instead, you will start to receive valuable business intelligence and insights within weeks or even days. You will be able to identify potential savings almost immediately;

Minimal use of existing resources

The installation and operation of MEDIscovery will not add to the workload on your ICT department. Once we install our software, your ICT team don't need to do anything further. Our experienced Agilos services team will do the rest. We will help you define your required KPIs and help end-users set up their dashboard.

Customisable insight

The MEDIscovery solution allows you to examine the activities and cost-centres that matter, at a glance. You have access to the KPIs of your choice, combined with the facility to drill down to a detailed level. But our solution allows you to go further, by easily creating your own analysis and dashboards. We offer best of both worlds: the power and short time to value of a pre-packaged solution, while having the freedom to expand the application to suit your needs.

Flexible and cost-effective

MEDIscovery does not require you to make any major investment in new ICT infrastructure, resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to other business intelligence solutions. Instead, it extracts the necessary information directly from your existing operational systems.

MEDIscovery Laboratory

Biological analysis in medical laboratories is an important service and results in a lot of billing. Since billing processes are error prone, you will be able to track the loss in invoicing processes when you check laboratory billing against central invoicing data.

The MEDIscovery Laboratory dashboard lets you analyze e.g. number of orders or number of biological analyzes in a year-to-date or month-by-month comparison using dimensions such as INAMI code, INAMI chapter, analysis type, issuer practitioner etc…

The MEDIscovery Laboratory module lets you also investigate in detail the results of the analysis of a specific order or a specific patient.


MEDIscovery Pharmacy

The drug distribution to patients is really crucial in a hospital and often results in a loss. The comparison with drug package usage could also give valuable indicators for the pharmacy. The MEDIscovery Pharmacy dashboard lets you monitor the pharmacy activity, delivery by the provider upto patient distribution.  You can compare providers for a given drug and compare drug distribution with the same ATC code. Analysis of stock evolution helps you tracking drug transfers in the hospital.

MEDIscovery Operating room

Anesthetists follow incidents during a surgery in order to improve healthcare quality. Anesthetic used depending on the characteristics of the patient is also important to analyze. The MEDIscovery Operating room dashboard (focused on anesthesiology), offers deep insight into the surgery procedure and drugs usage.


The financing of any hospital is dependent on its activities. Tracking and analysing existing data related to current operations enables the hospital to benchmark itself against other hospitals. Managers can assist doctors by guiding them on the optimum use of services and specialties specified and set by the rules of the Ministry of Health (which beds are warranted, national averages, etc.). This analysis will provide a better understanding or even help management anticipate any future feedback from the Ministry of Health.

MEDIscovery Radiology

Radiology provides a broad range of investigations, covering virtually all hospital patients. A great deal of the billing information is sent directly to the invoicing system; alternatively, prices may be set by different individual departmental applications. Combining radiology data with information from other applications, such as pharmacy or billing, provides greater control over resources and more accurate invoicing. Furthermore, both departmental and hospital general managers gain instant oversight on the usage levels of various costly pieces of equipment.

MEDIscovery Consultation

Clinical consultations are often the gateway to the hospital, triggering the planning of other activities, such as the operating room. Real-time monitoring these activities and their frequency, along with where patients, doctors or external specialists come from, provides the hospital with a better understanding of its patient base and the track record of its doctors. Many services generate invoices; however, these can also result from  appointments or an arrival in the emergency department. A thorough analysis of entry points, and of appointments that may or may not generate an invoice, allows for improved activity management.

MEDIscovery Intensive care

Patients in intensive care generate a great deal of information; indeed many of the procedures used are applied due to the continuous improvement of protocols. Understanding this information and analysing the results helps improve practices and further refine the models. The autonomous analysis in ICUs offered by MEDIscovery is particularly useful, encouraging use of the information gathered throughout the process.

MEDIscovery ADT

Hygienic conditions in a hospital are critical. When a patient catches a hospital-inquired affection, the patient bed history is essential information. The ADT dashboard will help you to track easily the patient’s stay. MEDIscovery ADT is also able to give insight about a patient’s entry, discharge and transfer in a year-to-date or month-by-month comparison. The analysis can be performed using dimensions such as care unit, cost center, real practitioner, asking practitioner and many more. Other indicators such as hospital bed occupancy are also very important metrics and available in order to better manage bed occupancy for certain care units.

MEDIscovery TarFac

The multi-disciplinary activities in a hospital around areas such as oncology and neurosurgery are crucial for the reporting to government. MEDIscovery TarFac will help you to easily analyze these activities. It gives insight about global health of the institution on a year-to-date basis or month-by-month comparison, but can provide more detailed analysis such as the average cost of a specific intervention, depending on the provided services. Before invoicing, MEDIscovery TarFac is able to find wrong entries in the database, such as a surgical operation without anesthesia, and permits efficient medical services control by physicians themselves. The follow-up on the billing of medical care can be analyzed using multiple dimensions as cost center, insurance type, INAMI codes, invoicing delay etc. MEDIscovery TarFac can also be combined with data coming from different sources (such as Accounting, Laboratory and Pharmacy) in order to check proper invoicing and then extract valuable information.


MEDIscovery HR

MEDIscovery HR is our dashboard solution for the healthcare sector. It is based on Agilos HR Insight, and has been customized for hospital environments. It enables HR executives, management, and department managers to maximize employee recruitment, retention, and results. It provides insight into the key factors managers need to consider to lower turnover, control personnel costs,and improve employee performance.


MEDIscovery Accounting

MEDIscovery Accounting provides a valuable asset to the finance director and the hospital management. With a simple click, it offers dynamic reports that can:

  • Administer and analyze accounts without the need for IT support
  • Establish the relationship between accounting data and production data
  • Verify chargeable activity relative  to services invoiced
  • Monitor specific accounts and allocations over a given financial period
  • Track the follow-up of suppliers and the income statement without needing to wait for batch programme execution
  • Track the budgets and performance activity of imaging, laboratory and personnel

MEDIscovery Institutional Dashboard – Departmental dashboards rolling up into an institutional dashboard

MEDIscovery offers department-specific dashboards with KPIs relevant for that department. The MEDIscovery Institutional Dashboard links those specific dashboards together, and rolls them up into an Executive Dashboard, with cross-departmental KPIs, giving general management insight into the performance of the hospital.












"Agilos provided us, in a short time, a dynamic and intuitive report allowing us to validate and follow the whole medical procedure encoded in ours facilities"

Dr Baudouin Mansvelt,VP Healthcare, INDC Entité Jolimontoise.





The IT challenge

Hospital general management doesn’t have an overall view on hospital performance, caused by data stored in multiple application data sources, resulting in a complex legacy silo-based environment. This problem is hard to solve with traditional business intelligence technology, because of the heterogeneity of disparate systems. A unified system needs to be created, in which consistent and accurate performance numbers and KPIs need to be shared through a web-based platform across the entire organization.



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