Business Challenges

HR and business managers today face unprecedented challenges in making the most of their human capital management. The global competition for talent, government regulation, outsourcing, free-lance workers, and an aging workforce are just some of the business challenges most companies are faced with. To make the right decisions about their workforce, business leaders need access to the right data. HR and departmental managers need to be able to understand the current situation and discover critical information about their workforce. This allows HR professionals to better plan and predict future changes, and align with the business strategy of the company.

IT Challenge

Companies often struggle integrating HR data. Personnel related information comes from different and very heterogeneous data sources, including

  • Internal data (HR Management System, Finance, CRM, …)
  • Agenda system/time clock
  • Payroll information (usually in different formats from institutions such as Acerta, SD Worx, Partena, Group S, etc.)
  • Evaluation & Training data
  • Other external information (surveys, benchmark data, …)


Agilos HR Insight is an analytic application that enables HR and business managers to get insight into personnel related metrics and make the right decisions about their workforce.

By integrating information coming from disparate systems into one analytic environment, users get a complete view on all aspects related to their workforce.

The real value in HR analytics comes from seeing the relationships between different aspects.

Agilos HR Insight includes metrics and analytics in following areas:

  • Workforce management (organizational effectiveness & staffing)
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Training & Development
  • Talent Management

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Agilos HR Insight enables HR executives, management, and department managers to maximize employee recruitment, retention, and results. It provides insight into the key factors managers need to consider to lower turnover, control personnel costs,and improve employee performance.

Agilos HR Insight Dashboard



Agilos HR Insight is an analytic application that integrates seamlessly with the following HR Management Systems:


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Since we separated the code to connect to the operational HRMS such as ARNO HR and SAP HR, Agilos HR Insight can easily be extended to work on top of other HR management systems. Please contact us for connectors to other HR systems.


About Agilos

Agilos’ mission is to help businesses to become more competitive and agile through a smarter and better use of their data. We do this by providing a best-of-breed platform that enables companies to take better decisions.

Through our training, coaching and expertise, we help them realize a short time to value and maximize the ROI of their business intelligence journey.

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