Raw data to the right decisions


We combine deep skills with broad coverage, focused on the entire data (analytics) supply chain. Our intention is to offer the customer a total solution, ranging from building a modern data estate for analytics, providing the necessary dashboards and reports, and bringing the business users to the right data literacy level.

What does this mean in practice?

Step 1. Data integration

We make sure that all your data — coming from different data sources (ERP, CRM, spreadsheets, etc., but also including external data) — is brought together and represents ‘one version of the truth’. After all, what good is data that you can’t trust? Agilos will help you prepare and structure it, so you can properly use it in the analysis of your business.

Depending on the customer’s situation and requirements, the data can be integrated into an existing or modern data warehousing environment. At this point, the data is ready for analysis and reporting.

Step 2. Analytics

Your data will be made available in an interactive analytic environment for the business user. Through visualisations and dashboards, reports and self-service analytics s/he will be able to analyze the data and then take the right decisions and take the appropriate actions.

Step 3. Insights

It is possible to go a step further and gain insights and integrate these analytics into existing systems (such as ERP or CRM), in websites (e.g. an intranet for use by employees or an extranet for customers or suppliers), or other interfaces that are optimally tailored to the user’s profile. For example, one can ensure that a manager only receives an alert on his smartphone when a KPI reaches a certain value, or, for example, a sales person can interrogate the system via natural language, using for example Teams or Slack as an interface.