Data Insight services

All-round consulting services combined with the best training and support

Consulting services

Agilos delivers complete data projects, covering all aspects from the raw data to the insights and actions at the point of decision. As a result, your data will have a significant impact on tomorrow's activity and become an added value for your business.

BI2BI approach

We assist businesses in their transition to a modern, automated, low-code, real-time and cost-efficient BI environment. With our proven and customer-centric methodology, called BI2BI, you'll maximize the power and impact of your data, supported by the latest and most modern solutions.

Training & coaching

Are you looking for a hands-on training to get fully autonomous and bring your data projects to another level? Discover our training sessions, organized on a regular basis and always given by certified and experienced trainers.

End-to-end support

Supporting and managing the complexity triggered by new technology is not always easy to handle. This is where Agilos comes into the picture, with certified specialists who provide technical and solution support services. This will allow you to focus on value-added tasks for your business, with accurate data that is available when needed.

Agilos accelerators

Based on years of experience within different sectors, we have developed customizable templates for the healthcare and automotive industry. You'll benefit from the industry-specific standards, included in an all-in-one solution that gives you a 360° view on your business.

Agilos Lab

Our Agilos Lab is an environment to test use cases, methodologies and technologies in collaboration with our customers. Leveraging our technical partnerships, we have access to the roadmap and most recent functionalities that we can test and validate to answer the increasing demands of the BI market. It allows us to learn, innovate and select the best-of-breed technologies that provide the answers our customers are looking for.

Discover our technologies

The success of our services and solutions is based on our in-depth expertise of the best technologies available on the BI market.

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