We help you turn your data into a strategic asset

Banking & Insurance

Discover new insights about your customers. Streamline operations. Manage risk and meet regulatory compliance.


Departments, functions and people within hospitals frequently operate in silos. Business insights –across various departments- is one of the biggest challenges.


Get insight into the key workforce related factors managers need to consider to lower turnover, control personnel costs, and improve employee performance and satisfaction.

Finance & Accounting

Reduce costs and risks. Synthesize and align financial and accounting data to increase profitability and transparency. Uncover unexpected insights and make more informed financial decisions.

Sales & Marketing

Manage pipeline and forecast. Improve tracking of performance against goals. Boost marketing ROI through better targeting and campaign performance.


Improve data governance, security and scalability. Spot underused systems and applications. Predict emerging technology needs to support strategic business initiatives.

Events & News

Get trained on Data integration and Analytics topics

We have put together a series of online learning sessions based on our consultants’ extensive expertise in hundreds of analytics and dataintegration projects. Register today! 

BI Extranets - 29 Sept, 11am

Join us for an online WEBINAR on how to Accelerate Insights Through Augmented Analytics at the Qlik Analytics Tour Online. We'll zoom in on Extranets - or how you can improve your Customer Relationship or optimize your Supplier processes through BI Extranets.

Deltrian - Turning data into a strategic asset

Deltrian explains how they use Qlik to take better decisions, and partner with Agilos and Brainstorming to make it happen.

How to get your Data out of Lockdown - ON DEMAND

WEBINAR --- A team of developers or self-service business users in Qlik can now easily find the data they need. 
Looking for data has become as easy as shopping on Amazon. Attend this webinar to see Qlik Catalog at work.


Visualize. Analyze. Discover.
Instant access to data
Organize and control your development
Redefine what's possible with Qlik Sense

About Agilos

Agilos’ mission is to help businesses to become more competitive and agile through a smarter and better use of their data. We do this by providing a best-of-breed platform that enables companies to take better decisions.

Through our training, coaching and expertise, we help them realize a short time to value and maximize the ROI of their business intelligence journey.

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