It’s time to get data serious
Take off with a data driven strategy

Agilos converts your data into a strategic asset
across the entire data supply chain

We help organisations discover compelling and actionable insights about their business that will improve their performance by transforming operations, limiting risk, and discovering new revenue streams.

Are you missing business opportunities
due to a lack of up-to-date data?

Do you spend too much time answering business
needs that are always changing?

What scares you the most
about data warehouse migration?

The Business Case

Why Business users love
a modern BI environment?

A modern data warehouse gives you the opportunity to work with real-time data, quickly integrate new data sources, provide users with a detailed catalogue of all existing information, and allows users to work on multiple devices, such as mobile or tablet, and keep all information to hand.

9 benefits

of a modern Business Intelligence environment

Faster integration of new data sources
into a modern data warehouse

Faster production of reports due to ability of modern data warehouses to prepare ad-hoc data sets

High availability anywhere
via mobile, home, and office
Access the latest and most modern
visualization solutions (Self-service).
Ability to complete trends and forecast
by using predictive analytics.
Easy access to documentation
and history of data.
Cloud data warehouse for
increased reliability and uptime.
Optimal results, thanks to access
to the most recent data
Faster decision making
and stronger performance

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Deep dive for IT

Why IT leaders love
the modern data estate?

With the rise of modern data warehousing, many new features have been introduced over the past ten years including low-to-no coding, real-time capabilities, and automatic documentation.
In cloud technology, data warehousing has been transformed with inbuilt scalability, high availability, performance, flexibility and security.

9 ways for IT

to deliver faster answers to business needs

Cloud data warehouse can handle huge
amounts of data more quickly

Build your data estate
with drag and drop

Speed up the development of the
modern data warehouse by a factor of 10
Free up resources
in this low code environment
Generate prebuild data set,
ready for visualization tools (PBI, Qlik).

Take advantage of cloud
inherent security

Take advantage of the cloud to scale up
your storage
capacity as you go.

Benefit from automated
documentation processes

Lower maintenance = higher performance

If you answer YES to one or more of these questions,
It’s time for BI2BI

With many years of experience in the Business Intelligence market, our customer centric approach combines identifying needs and working with innovative technology. Our goal is simple: make analytical-ready data accessible to all authorized users and assist businesses in the transition to a modern, automated, low-code, real-time and cost-efficient BI environment. 

For this we have created a concept called Bi2Bi, in other words Old Business Intelligence to Modern Business Intelligence. It’s a precise way of orchestrating all the different aspects of modernization projects. This allows you to move from high maintenance needs to managed services, resource dependencies to self-service & autonomy, and from time consuming analytics to real time active intelligence.

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