Raw data to the right decisions

What our customers say

Agilos opened for business in 2009, and since that time has helped more than 450 companies mine their data for useful insights that have advanced their business. This has been done using a variety of analytics tools, including Qlik, TimeXtender and Microsoft Power BI solutions. A number of these clients have gone on record to explain what Agilos has done — in either written form or via a video — so you can see or hear for yourself, what it’s like working with us.

Agilos helped Epsylon create a more efficient pharmacy cost management system with agile analytics.

Epsylon — (Pharma)

Agilos helped Deltrian turn their data into a strategic asset. “By understanding our strategy and our business, Agilos were able to implement the right solution for the future.”

Deltrian — (Lighting)

Agilos has made data processing quicker, easier and more reliable.

Natura4Ever — (Natural Products)

Agilos were able to deliver insights to the people who needed it, and yet who didn’t have immediate access to the data.

Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc — (Healthcare)

Agilos helped AXA identify “a single version of truth” for their wealth of data. The solution embraced complexity, looked at one problem at a time, and took into account differences in maturity.

Axa — (Insurance)

Agilos helped the Group use analytics to improve their purchasing process and positively impact the bottom line.

Jean Gotta Group — (Meat processing)

Agilos helped KBC with an analytical solution that makes it possible to evaluate and visualize data — particularly marketing data — in real time.

KBC — (Banking)

Agilos helped Rossel Group deliver operational management reports and analytics of over 40 million records in just a few minutes.

Rossel Group — (Multi-Media)

In Consumer Goods, Agilos has helped:

  • Viangro
  • Dubuisson
  • Nutriad
  • United Colors of Benneton
  • INVE

In Industry, Agilos has helped:

  • Umicore
  • Eloy
  • Eurofoil
  • BiA — download case story here
  • AW Europe
  • Nexans
  • Mobitec
  • Stûv
  • Mobitec

In the Financial Services sector, Agilos has helped:

  • KBC/CBC — download case story here
  • ING Luxembourg
  • Belfius
  • BGL/BNP Paribas
  • Clearstream

In Healthcare, Agilos has helped:

  • CHU Brugmann
  • CHU Saint-Pierre
  • CHU de Liège
  • CHR Citadelle
  • Cliniques Universataires Saint-Luc 
  • Huderf
  • Epsylon