Raw data to the right decisions.
What do our customers say

Epsylon — (Pharma)

Agilos helped Epsylon create a more efficient pharmacy cost management system with agile analytics.

Deltrian — (Lighting)

Agilos helped Deltrian turn their data into a strategic asset.
“By understanding our strategy and our business, Agilos were able to implement the right solution for the future.”

Natura4Ever — (Natural Products)

Agilos has made data processing quicker, easier and more reliable.

Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc — (Healthcare)

Agilos were able to deliver insights to the people who needed it, and yet who didn’t have immediate access to the data.

AXA — (Insurance)

Agilos helped AXA identify “a single version of truth” for their wealth of data.
The solution embraced complexity, looked at one problem at a time, and took into account differences in maturity.

Jean Gotta Group — (Meat processing)

Agilos helped the Group use analytics to improve their purchasing process and positively impact the bottom line.

KBC — (Banking)

Agilos helped KBC with an analytical solution that makes it possible to evaluate and visualize data — particularly marketing data — in real time.

Rossel Group — (Multi-Media)

Agilos helped Rossel Group deliver operational management reports and analytics of over 40 million records in just a few minutes.