Data Empowered Businesses Get Faster Results

No, this is not just ‘another’ online webinar … but a unique opportunity to improve your productivity while also saving yourself time and money.

How’s that? Evolve from a traditional data warehouse to a modern data warehouse.

To showcase our expertise and raise awareness about the transition from traditional to modern BI, we’re organizing 2 sessions — 1 that discusses the business case, and another to dig deeper into the IT side of this move.

The Business Case session discusses:
• Data profitability challenges
• Why move to TimeXtender
• Growth impact since starting with TimeXtender

The IT Deep Dive session looks at:
• The accelerated development speed of a Modern Data Estate
• How you can source information from everywhere – cloud and on premise – and keep it organized
• Managing data projects without any coding
• Automating the documentation of your Data Estate
• Streamlining the process of building Data Lakes, Warehouses and Marts

Start your journey to Analytics-Ready data today.