Standardized – open – collaborative


Your modern, scalable and autonomous healthcare data warehouse


The first data management solution for healthcare actors bringing together clinical & administrative data.

Agilos’ MEDIscovery is a Value Chain solution for all data generated during the patient’s care journey.

Analyze the activity of your hospital according to your needs and access boundless generated data.

Rely on dashboards with key metrics and dynamic analysis capabilities at all times.

3 reasons to analyze the main data:

Identify errors

Understand / expose / anticipate a situation

Decide upcoming actions

To survive, hospitals today must increase their collaborative skills. Mandated by the federal public service for the health sector, hospitals have established networks to optimize cost and quality of care. It is therefore essential to cooperate between hospitals but also within the different departments of each hospital.

Offer your co-workers an analytical platform that will facilitate internal and external collaboration by integrating all clinical data (EPR – Labs – Pharma – RX) and administrative data (ERP- ADT- invoicing) and whose flexibility and robustness will allow you to combine the moto of “one version of the truth” and custom needs.

Why choose Agilos’ MEDIscovery for your hospital datawarehouse?

1️⃣ “FHIR” Normalized

Development and easy maintenance

Stay in control of your Datawarehouse and get rid of problems due to staff turnover.

Follow the trends of medical vocabulary standardizations as recommended by e-health, Health Federal Public Services, Inami – RIZIV, Sciensano, …

Maintain your Datawarehouse by with comprehensible architecture promoting the FHIR terminology.

2️⃣ Unique repository

Aligned languages

Avoid complex and multiple reading grids coming with the multitude of Operating systems & their different configurations.

Establish at reporting level single definition of your settings (care units, snomed-CT, ICD10, etc.) persistent over time.

A governed analysis, thanks to our exclusive functionality, will align understandings.

3️⃣ Golden record

Optimized indexing

Done with duplicate data that lead to misinterpreted analysis?

Identify it by building Master Indexes to increase the quality of the Master Data Management and its analysis.

With Agilos’ golden record functionality, you can optimize the indexing of your data (patient, practitioner, supplier,…)

4️⃣ Institutional semantic premise

Tailor-made definitions

Standardization prevents flexibility.

Notions and definitions vary from one hospital to another, take the freedom to define your hospitals parameters and keep relevance on a case by case basis.

Use our custom-made definitions ability because each hospital has its own parameters of analysis.

5️⃣ Open

Freedom of development

Stay in the driver seat!

Avoid a limited authorized autonomy leading into a third party always being required for any intervention in your data warehouse.

With MEDIscovery, control your budget and need to centralize reports with freedom of development and the ability to transversely centralize the analysis of your data.

6️⃣ Flexible collaboration

Mastered investment

Partner up with Agilos and choose to what extent your supplier intervention is required.

Gain autonomy with a Modern Data warehousing under Microsoft SQL technology and an architecture that integrates the international terminology (FHIR).

View our list of flexible Datawarehouse benefits!

Our modular solutions to optimize your return on investment

Which of your departments require detailed and dynamic analysis from several data sources?

With MEDIscovery, start with departments considered a priority for faster results, to master the system and optimize your costs. The deployment to other departments can be developed subsequently either by adding modules or independently based to your preferences.

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Manage your data locally or in the cloud

Thanks to a partnership with Microsoft, Agilos is able to provide a secure hybrid solution that will work both on site and in the cloud. The sensitive and confidential nature of medical data and the necessary and inevitable evolution of managing this data incentivized the ability to offer both deployment.

Promoting the autonomy and maintenance of DWH

Agilos has chosen TimeXtender as a technology partner for 6 key reasons:

  • For a faster Datawarehouse implementation thanks to automatic scripting in Microsoft SQL SSIS.
  • For its ability to orchestrate the entire Datawarehouse
  • For its flexibility in the choice of visualization tools (Qlik, PBI, Tableau, …)
  • For its design and architecture including semantic layer and facilitating interaction between IT and Business teams.
  • For the organization of data by business: Data Mart
  • For its strength of governance: Automatic documentation, Data Lineage & Impact Analysis
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Intuitive Visualization with a magic quadrant leader

Undisputed leaders of the Magic Quadrant and the data visualization market, Qlik and Power BI are often compared. The two visualization tools being popular among insight consumers, Agilos provides MEDIscovery dashboards in both technologies.

What our customers say

“Agilos has enabled us to take positive measures regarding our purchases, as well as about the way we prescribe. We have been able to identify new procedures while at the same time guaranteeing the quality of care given to patients.”

Evelyne Delmée, Pharmacy Director

“Agilos has helped us to accelerate our transversal analysis which allowed us to take faster actions. The solution has also allowed us to gain more transparency in our data.”

Dominique Wouters, Pharmacy Director