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  « One of the great things in Qlik Sense is that you can extend it to your needs. Many developers understood this, and are building various extensions. Some of those extensions are good, some are less useful… To help you out, we started at Agilos a project to select the best extensions for various things, and share them with you. We tested them, but also looked into shortcomings. And it’s that experience that we want to share with you. We started today with some, but we’ll add new extensions on a regular basis, so don’t forget to come back here and make your Qlik Sense platform even more powerful! »

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NOTICE: Below you can find a few examples of Qlik Sense extensions. For more extensions, check out our tech blog where we regularly post new ones.


Buttons for Qlik Sense

Variable Button” by aferersc

Date : 16 october 2015Qlik Sense Extensions: Buttons for Qlik Sense

I recently tested another extension that I want to put forward. Although Qlik Sense is a great tool for self service, you've probably already felt the need to add a few buttons to make the interface a little more user friendly for all consumers.

Of course, the application also runs on mobile devices which give a different user experience, but buttons could also be very useful on mobile devices. They just need to have a different aspect and greater size to be easy to click.

This extension easily permits:

Creation of one button to change a simple variable.
Creation of multiple buttons to change the same variable.
Creation of multiple buttons to change multiple variables.

And thus, this will give you the possibility to quickly change the aspect of a chart.

If you were reluctant to adopt Sense because of the difficulty to set variables, this will fully reconcile you with the Qlik Sense approach. Just think about the usefulness of this button...

One small critic though, there is a little lack of design options. For example, the possibility to change position of buttons, to put them vertically, to have the possibility to increase or decrease space between them, to change text size or colors.

If you always wanted this or just curious to see it, go to: http://branch.qlik.com/projects/showthread.php?361-Variable-Button

Or directly the Github: https://github.com/asierfer/QlikSense-Ext-VariableButton

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Horizontal list box

“Qlik Sense List box Extension” by Kumar Natarajan 

Qlik Sense Extensions: Horizontal List box

Date: 5 October 2015

Who hasn’t dreamed of using horizontal list boxes in Sense? Thanks to Kumar Natarajan, you can have it!

And even more, next to horizontal and vertical lists, this extension will bring you:

  • Possibility to automatically adjust the spacing of the horizontal values (between 1 and 20) to the width of the visualization.
  • Possibility to change the selection type to radio buttons, checkboxes or simple lists.
  • Possibility to change the text color and use the text format (red), hexa format (#ff0000) or rgb format (rgb(255,0,0)).             

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Word Cloud for Qlik Sense

“Word Cloud for Sense” by cleveranjos

Qlik Sense Extensions: Word Cloud

Date: 5 October 2015

Certain situations aren’t satisfying with simple charts and demand more imagination to be highlighting. Have you ever suffered such situation?

An original way to solve this problem is to use a word cloud. Easy to use and really pleasant to see. You see them often on the web to represent tags (tag cloud) or frequently used words. Another use case would be to represent a classification of cities or countries, or even showing product names placed in connection with a count of customer or sum of sales: the bigger the value, the bigger the word appears in the cloud.

This extension permits to:                                                                                                                    

  • Manage different orientations
  • Change the start and end angles
  • Change max and min font size
  • Select a scale color in a list

Trendy, colored, quick and concretely visual.

Unfortunately, the word cloud is not interactive, like in every Qlik Sense visual, so you cannot filter the whole dashboard by clicking on the words in the cloud.

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Range Slider for Qlik SenseQlik Sense Extensions: Range slider

“Range Slider” by stefanwalther

Date: 5 October 2015

Many situations need to be customized by the user. Which tool could you use to do this?
A possibility is to use the Range Slider extension to leave the possibility for the end user to customize a range between two values.

This extension will allow you to:                                                                                              

  • Define a maximum and a minimum value: the user changes his values inside the defined range.
  • Change the jump step.
  • Specify two variables to define the maximum and minimum values.

The idea is great, but what we miss here are the design options. What we would need, is the possibility to position the slider vertically. Another missing element is that you cannot define an initial value based on a variable.

The developer is promising more features, so we are looking forward to see more.

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 Sunburst for Qlik SenseQlik Sense Extensions: Sunburst

“Zoomable Sunburst with D3” by brianwmunz
“D3 Sequences Sunburst Extension For QlikSense” by Niceqlik

Date: 5 october

Do you know what a sunburst is? And how to create one in Qlik Sense?

There are currently two extensions to fulfill your wishes.

  • Demand two dimensions and one measure
  • Show you a colored sunburst

The 'Zoomable' allows to select a dimension but the dimension isn’t highlighting. The 'D3 Sequences' repairs this problem and gives you an overview when you hover a dimension. It doesn’t work anytime but it’s an excellent idea! I like also the adapted caption in the upper-left corner. The consideration is that you cannot select via the chart.

Unfortunately, I’ve also a few comments:                                                                                                                    

  • Texts exceed out of cells
  • No color options

I also feel that the dimensions are inversed. Instinctively, I wish the country in center and the city after. When I add it in this order, I obtain the opposite, so the city in center and country after.

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