Are you the analytics expert?

  • Are you struggling to collect and combine data from inside and outside your organisation?
  • Do you spend too much time trying to establish ‘one version of the truth’?
  • Can you quickly and easily find meaningful insights?

You know better than anyone that datasets are becoming more complex and diverse, especially as you now have to work with both internal and external data, and combine local on-premises sources with cloud-based information.  

The multiple options available related to the architectures, technologies and processes of an analytics framework make it more important than ever that you make the right decisions when it comes to data integration, data warehouse and master data management 

Everything is evolving at incredible speed — data automation and code generation for data access, modelling and compliance — including the development of dashboards and reports. 

With our years of experience at Agilos of working across different industries, we have identified what we think are the new trends and developments that will impact analytics in your company in the future. 

Automated Analytics

Automation is impacting virtually every industry and business process, and data analytics software is the next frontier. Automated analytics is heavily reliant on AI and machine learning. This will enable analytics experts to dramatically increase their productivity, but also help the business user run complex analysis simply by asking the right questions. 

Augmented Analytics

Augmented BI uses machine learning to change how analytic content is developed and used. The technology includes other modern analytical capabilities like data preparation, data management and data science. Augmented analytics automates those processes to eliminate the need for data scientists, or at least empower users with capabilities that were only previously available to specialized data scientists. We see more and more BI technologies integrating AI. Not only will this improve the productivity of data experts and BI developers, but also empower your business users even more. 

Mobile BI
When building a mobile interface for your BI app, it can be tempting to try to replicate the desktop experience, but with mobile analytics, developers need to use the limitation of the “small screen” as an opportunity to convey only critical information. Essentially, mobile Bl dashboards need to complement—not replace or exactly replicate—the experience a user has on a desktop. Some BI vendors provide technology to develop BI apps once and deploy them anywhere, including smartphones and tablets, but taking into account the nature and type of usage of each of those devices. This is the essence of responsive design.
Conversational Analytics
Working with analytics has always meant interacting visually. But what if you could just talk to your analytics conversationally, using Slack or Teams? This technology will bridge the gap between conversational and visual analytics and further drive analytics adoption increasing the value of your data.
At Agilos, we are business-led, not technology-led

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