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Customized solutions for the healthcare and automotive industry

All-in-one data management solution for automotive

Carelios is an all-in-one data management solution for dealerships. It provides a 360° view on your business, including an up-to-date sales pipeline, history of vehicles sold, work orders, financial KPIs, etc. This interactive and dynamic solution collects, stores and analyses data, making it very easy for managers, sales and after-sales teams, as well as for the administrative staff to access information in a simple and fast way. 

A modern, scalable and autonomous healthcare data solution

Mediscovery is an analytics solution for all data generated during the patient’s care journey. You can analyze the activity of your hospital according to your needs and access boundless generated data, but also rely on dashboards with key metrics and dynamic analysis capabilities at all times. By integrating all clinical data (EPR – Labs – Pharma – RX) and administrative data (ERP- ADT- invoicing), the platform will facilitate all your internal and external collaboration.

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