Our BI2BI approach

A proven and customer-centric methodology for the transition to a modern BI environment

Ready to shift to a modern BI environment?

We assist businesses in the transition to a modern, automated, low-coded, real-time and cost-efficient BI environment. You’ll get a grip on your data with the latest and most modern solutions, allowing a future proof and stable setting that will improve your decision-making. Get rid of the burdens of high maintenance, resource dependency and time-consuming analytics now!

A step-by-step approach

We have developed a methodology to help our customers find a solution that fits them best. We start from your needs exclusively and combine the requirements from the business user (new business demands) as well as from the IT team (security, infrastructure, data governance). We also provide guidance to make the data vivid within your organization through workshops, training and coaching sessions.

The benefits

You'll be able to optimize the usage of your BI tools within the whole organization in a cost-effective way, making sure that your solutions run smoothly on the long term:

  • Active intelligence with real-time data

  • Faster production of reports and integration of new data sources

  • High availability anywhere and on every device

  • Access to the latest and most modern visualization solutions (self-service, autonomy)

  • Ability to predict trends and forecasts (predictive analytics)

  • Easy access to documentation and history of data

  • Faster decision-making and stronger performance

  • Communicate directly about your KPIs inside the Data Analytics solution

Discover our technologies

The success of our services and solutions is based on our in-depth expertise of the best technologies available on the BI market.

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