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Transform your business into an intelligent company with agile Data Insights

Better insights that lead to improved decisions

We firmly believe that success in data analytics leads to success in business, no matter how big or small you are. Our expertise on the BI market, combined with your business expertise, will enable us to select the best data strategy for your organization. Our consulting services are based on an agile methodology and cover all aspects from the raw data to insights and actions at the point of decision.

A customer-centric approach and guidance along the project

When starting a data project, we start from your specific requirements. We guide you all along your data journey: designing your data architecture, building a modern Data Estate, selection of an integration or analytics software, building interactive dashboards (self-service analytics), sharing best practices to guide your people and introduce a data-driven culture in your organization, ... Our teams are ready to help you!

Reliable partner on the long term

Working with Agilos, you'll benefit from a skilled team that will manage your Business Intelligence solutions and make sure that your data is accurate and available when needed. Moreover, you don't have to worry about having the internal resources or the technical know-how: with our consulting services, you'll get the full value out of your BI investment in a cost-effective way.

Discover our technologies

The success of our services and solutions is based on our in-depth expertise of the best technologies available on the BI market.

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