The Agilos promise is clear
Convert your data into business success

Agilos believes that success in data analytics leads to success in business, no matter how big or small you are.
Reliable data should inform your organizational decision-making, leading to greater growth,
innovation and competitive advantage, while also delivering efficiencies and cost savings.

Business Intelligence

Let’s be clear: Business Intelligence is not a goal, but the means to become an Intelligent Business.

Advancements in areas such as big data, in-memory computing, cloud, mobile, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are putting BI more and more in the spotlight. This is enabling organisations of all sizes to feel more empowered to effectively leverage their rich data assets and extend their decision-making capabilities beyond basic reporting using incomplete, outdated views of their data.

Modern analytics solutions are designed to reduce and even eliminate ‘data silos’ within a company. No longer should an IT person need to intervene to deliver important and timely intelligence to a business unit. With the new tools available, business users are able to grab the data they need whenever they need it, with less dependence on data analysts or IT in general. As a result, IT are elevated and have become enablers, instead of being a potential bottleneck.

Intelligent Business

The digital world has revolutionized the way we live and work, and every business has to adapt. It needs to transform.

If you want to be competitive, you have to find ways to reinvent every aspect of your business.

How do you know what to transform – and when? The answer is in data, coupled with a thoughtful analytics strategy that empowers all of your staff to make the discoveries that lead to change. Everyone in your organization needs to be able to use data to drive results, including reinventing business processes, understanding customers more deeply, uncovering new sources of revenue, and better balancing risk and rewards.

Our BI approach will help you achieve successful outcomes by closing the gaps:

  • the gap between raw data (heterogeneous data silos) and actionable data
  • the gap between actionable data and actionable insights
  • and the gap between insights and value


The healthcare platform that crosses Clinical & Admin data and that gives you the hand on it!


Carelios is an all-in-one solution for car dealerships. It provides a 360° view on your business, including up-to-date sales pipeline, history of cars sold, work orders, financial KPIs etc.