One version of the truth. Governance.

Are you in charge of BI strategy?

  • Feeling squeezed between what your business users want and what your team can provide?
  • Are there increasing amounts of data from an ever-widening variety of channels, both internal and external?
  • Do you spend too much time reconciling company data?
With data and data processes now ubiquitous in an organisation, it is important that you can create a comprehensive business view. Our point of view is that this data should be subject to some form of overarching governance, and be guided by a corporate data strategy.
“Dankzij de experts van Agilos hebben we onze dashboards intelligenter en interactiever gemaakt. Door de cooperatieve aanpak werd ons interne data team er ook sterker door. De professionele manier van werken van Agilos, gebaseerd op know-how, ervaring en samenwerking met de klant is duidelijk een toegevoegde waarde voor onze business.”
Brecht Dekeyser

Manager Business & Data Analytics, ECS European Containers

At Agilos, we are business-led, not technology-led

Success with Data Analytics


Agilos delivers data analytics projects, covering all aspects from the raw data to the insights and actions at the point of decision.

We also provide coaching and technical consulting.



In our training academy, we share our expertise and best practices with you. Our trainings are given by experienced consultants and are packed with practical advice and best practices. 


Our certified technical and business consultants will ensure you receive the best support possible for your internal Analytics Applications and Business Intelligence Solutions.  

BI Technologies

We turn your data into a strategic asset. We help you on your BI journey throughout the whole data supply chain, including data integration, visualization & analytics, and turning your insights into real business value. We support technologies such as Microsoft, Qlik and TimeXtender.