How we serve you


Agilos delivers data analytics projects, covering all aspects from the raw data to the insights and actions at the point of decision. In addition to data consulting, training and support services, we provide coaching and technical ad-hoc consulting, if customers want to manage an analytics project themself. We also provide both the technology required to do this and the services to help a customer make this work.


In our training academy, we like to share our expertise and best practices with you. This gets offered in a curriculum based approach that is not only better customized for different types of users, but also offers a learning journey that allows users to gradually become better trained at their own pace.

Our approach offers for all types of users a personalized learning track that provides the right practice session just in time.

These sessions are different from traditional trainings, as they’re given by experienced consultants and packed with practical advice and best practices, and customised based on each customer’s specific need. Contact us for personalised offers.


Supporting and managing the complexity triggered by new technology cannot always be entirely handled by the customer himself.

This is where Agilos comes into the picture, with product and solutions specialists who provide technical support services including Qlik, Microsoft and TimeXtender support.

With our Level 1 support, we are your first point of contact for business, technical and infrastructure issues, namely identification , diagnosis and resolution of incidents.

If necessary, we will escalate and request external support from the software vendors.

Our certified technical and business consultants will make sure that you receive the best support possible to help you support your internal Analytics Applications and Business Intelligence Solutions.

BI technologies

Our mantra is to turn your data into a strategic asset. We help companies on their BI journey, throughout the whole data supply chain. We see 3 areas:

Data integration and data services
Data integration and data services – including change data capture, modern data warehouse automation and data preparation. We commercialize and support technologies such as Qlik Attunity, TimeXtender, Microsoft SSIS and Azure Data Factory. This phase is about making data analytics ready.
Visualization & analytics
Visualization & analytics – supporting technologies such as Qlik and Microsoft Power BI. Visualization & analytics tools help you transform date into insights.
Turning insights into business value
Turning insights into business value – To close the gap between insight and action, you need to embed analytics in the point of decision. For the data specialist or analyst, it might be his analytics tool. The business user maybe needs to have it integrated within his business workflows or his applications. And through business extranets, you can reach out to customers or business partners. Deep integration can be established through the use of APIs or mashups.